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LKG Industries, Inc., has a portfolio of multiple brands: Philmore-Datak, Carter Craft and Pfanstiehl.  LKG Industries imports, manufactures and markets thousands of electronic accessory components for use with consumer items. LKG’s has products in categories such as Audio, Video, Television, Telephone and Personal Computers.  As a full line electronics manufacturer and supplier, they also carry other products including speakers, microphones and LED lamps. Their Datak line includes dry transfer products, wire markers and printed circuit making products.

Founded by Wayne and Judy Timpe in 1988, LKG Industries is still a family owned business, headquartered in Rockford, IL.  Since 2006 the company has been run by Mr. Kittikarn "Karn" Mejudhon.  Mr. Mejudhon has been in the electronics industry for over thirty years and in management positions with LKG for more than fifteen years. 

Not many companies have the breadth of electronic accessories that LKG has. While they try to stay current with their product offerings, they also continue to stock the parts that have been used for many years and still are sought today. With over 40 employees and annual revenues approaching $9 million, they are the leader in special design wall plates, the majority of which are assembled in-house. LKG is also the perfect source for hard-to-find accessories and components for older technology including phonographs.

LKG offers thousands of audio cables. These products include ¼” mono and stereo to RCA adapters, audio Y cables, 3.5mm stereo cables, DIN cables, and more.

Video products offered include HDMI cables, 4-way HDMI splitters, HDMI wall plates (single gang and double gang), coax cables, USB cables, USB wall plates, RCA cables, RCA wall plates, and more.

LKG focuses on cable management as well, with an incredible array of cable ties and cable management solutions, including board support, cable ties, push mount ties, quick release ties, rivets, saddle tie mounts, and self-adhesive tie mounts.

For customers with more of an electronics focus, LKG industries offers circuit breakers and component parts, including amplifiers, capacitors, diodes, receivers, LEDs, transformers, transistors, relays, and more.

Microphone solutions are a major focus. Components for microphones that LKG manufacturers includes XLR male/female Y adapters, XLR M/F adapters, 3.5mm mono to XLR adapters, desktop stands, microphone booms, windscreens, lapel mics, tripod microphone stands, and more. Lighting solutions include indicator lights, infrared diodes, lamp holders, LEDs, panel lamps, and photo transistors.

Tools, transformers, bulk wire, tapes, switches, soldering equipment, cases, heat shrink, cooling fans, and automotive components are also routinely stocked and distributed. With over 12,000 different parts available in packaged or bulk inventory, LKG strives to keep a supply on hand and ready to ship when you need it.

LKG’s custom shop can design and ship all sorts of custom products as well. Shattuc routinely stocks LKG products for the broadcast, pro AV, and other industries. For more information, including catalogs, literature, stock checks, and to order, contact your Shattuc sales representative directly, call 866-SHATTUC, or contact us online.