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Lowell Manufacturing Company, headquartered outside St Louis, Missouri, has been developing and manufacturing racks, boxes, power distribution, and audio accessories for decades.  Founded in 1947, Lowell was founded when Ben Lowell was awarded the first design patents for spun aluminum baffles.

This set the company up for success – between 1947 and the 1960s, Lowell Metal Works developed, patented, and manufactured a new line of cabinets and custom metal products.  Lowell introduced the world’s first plastic molded speaker grille to supplement their other products in 1961.

The 1970s and 80s were a time for Lowell to expand their audio offerings to include large cubic volume enclosures for use in performing arts centers, airports, and convention centers.

These days, all manufacturing is done in Lowell’s corporate headquarters in Pacific, Missouri, while distribution has expanded to a west coast showroom and distribution facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 

Lowell supports many markets, with Broadcast and A/V making up a large portion of business.  This includes broadcast, entertainment, and house of worship, along with residential and commercial A/V, government, security, and education.

Lowell’s distributed audio product line includes amplifiers & electronics, wall plates, switches and intercoms, volume controls, speaker components, and sound masking technology. Their amplifier products support anywhere from 30W-250W. Other speaker components offered include speaker drivers & assemblies, transformers, backboxes, baffles, and grilles.

The Power and Distribution product line includes power strips, remote power controls, sequencers, and relays, surge suppressors, UPS, switchers, and accessories. Their remote power controls, sequencers, and relays are manufactured in both CLASSIC and PASS-THROUGH configurations. Many of their power strips can be used in both rackmount and standalone configurations.

Lowell’s racks and boxes are widely recognized as being some of the best-made in the industry.  These products include built-in racks, desktop/under-counter, gangable floor racks, portable, standalone, slide-out and wall racks. Lowell’s LGNR and LGVR series are specifically designed for the broadcast industry as they are all manufactured with industry standard widths of 19 & 22 inches. The LRS series are perfectly suited for home electronics. Other racks include standalone floor racks, gangable floor racks, slide out racks, and half width racks. Lowell even manufactures seismic-rated racks, PE certified for Cat1 and Cat2 seismic activity.

Rackware® accessories include bases and tops, cable management, doors and rear access covers, drawers and storage, fans and thermal management, lighting, shelves, and more. Lowell accessories allow customers to develop the perfect look for their racks, from solid steel doors, fully vented doors, smoked plexiglass doors, and more.

All Lowell products are built with quality steel certified to be produced in US mills. Customer customizations are available, including labeling for brand visibility, instructions, identification, and more. Lowell can coat metal in a variety of finishes. These finishes include black wrinkle power epoxy, smooth black semi-gloss, black anodized, network grey, brushed aluminum, white, and customer specified colors.

For more information on Lowell products, including custom solutions and complete systems, contact your Shattuc representative directly or contact us online.