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Fiber Optics Lab for Cable Manufacturing, Testing, and Repair

Fiber Repair and Cleaning at Fiber Optics Lab
Lemo Certified at Shattuc Cord Specialties

Due to the increased demand for fiber optic products in the commercial A/V and broadcast industry, Shattuc expanded its capabilities in March 2015 with the addition of a state-of-the-art fiber lab.

The new and improved lab is isolated from the rest of the building with a positive air pressurized room with circulating air filtration to ensure no dirt enters the room for termination. The room has all the space needed for prep, polish, termination, and final testing of fiber optic products. The lab also includes a dark room for fiber evaluation and repairs.

Fiber Capabilities

  • ST – PC, UPC or APC
  • LC – PC, UPC or APC
  • SC – PC, UPC or APC
  • Lemo SMPTE 304
  • Amphenol TAC-4
  • Amphenol TAC-12
  • Amphenol TFOCA-II
  • Pierside 109 Series
  • Amphenol TACBeam
  • And More.....Contact us for any special needs!


  • Polisher: NTT-AT ATP-3000
  • Interferometer: Data-Pixel DAISI-MT
  • Benchtop Scope: JDSU FVD-2400
  • Inspection Scope: Lightel CI-1100-AB2
  • Fiber Strip: Schleuniger FiberStrip
  • OTDR: JDSU T-Berd 6000
  • ORL/IL Tester: JDSU MAP-200
  • Oven: AccuCure Digital Oven
Fiber Testing for Quality


All assemblies are 100% tested and results are sent with every shipment. All assemblies are serialized and kept on file.