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Gepco has been a leader in the broadcast and professional AV industry for over almost 40 years. Starting out in a garage outside of Chicago, Illinois in 1981, founder Gary Geppert set out to address the problems he saw with the wire and cable being used in the broadcast industry. At the time, the industry was relying on legacy products from the Telco, military, or electronic instrumentation industries. Gary’s design for a better multi-pair audio cable is what inspired the formation of Gepco. The new cable had jacketed, shielded pairs to prevent cross talk. The pairs were numbered for easier identification. The jacketing kept things nice and neat, eliminating the need for shrink tubing, and allowing for alphanumeric print, for easier identification. A new company was born.

Gepco manufactures a wide variety of copper-based wire and cable for the Broadcast and ProAV industries. Both analog and digital audio cable solutions are available. Gepco’s analog audio cable catalog includes multipair cable in both 22AWG and 24AWG versions (audio snakes) running from 2 pairs to 32 pairs, thin profile and heavy-duty 12 channel snakes, and plenum and direct burial versions for those specific environments.

Single and dual pair cable is available in 22 AWG, 24AWG, unshielded and shielded general purpose cable. Microphone cables are available in heavy duty constructions, Quad Star constructions, and X-band (extended bandwidth) versions. Guitar cables are also available. Speaker cable is available in portable multi-conductor configurations in both 12AWG and 13AWG, high definition speaker cable in zip-cord construction, as well as permanent install varieties. Gepco’s RunONE™ powered speaker cable contains audio, power, and optional data conductors all under one jacket.

Coaxial cable for video applications is manufactured in RG11, RG7, RG6, RG59, and 23AWG (sub-miniature) versions. Gepco’s coax is a precision 75-0hm product for HDTV video and is available in both solid and stranded center conductors. Additionally, riser, plenum, and direct burial classifications are offered. Gepco also offers 75-Ohm CCTV cable and 50-Ohm coax. Video snakes, with multiple coax cables under one jacket, are offered in RG6, RG59, and Miniature 23AWG constructions, with the 23AWG versions available in 3 to 16 conductors, and the RG6 and RG59 versions available in a 10 channel configuration.

Network and Control applications can benefit from Gepco’s line of four-pair UTP cable, with standard Cat5E and Cat6 offered, along with a heavy duty 4 channel Cat5E snake cable. DMX systems and AXLinkT systems are also supported.

Gepco supports camera systems with legacy products (triax) in both flexible and permanent install (riser, plenum) jackets. Gepco also manufactures hybrid cable to SMPTE 311 standards in 7.8mm, standard 9.2mm, and heavy duty (12mm and 16mm) constructions. Fiber cables, including single-mode and multi-mode versions, are also available, with standard and tactical jackets.

A full range of distribution racks, boxes, accessories, compliments Gepco’s wire and cable portfolio. This includes Modular SMPTE/Triax/OpticalCon® panel systems, ST/SC/LC Feedthrough panels, and custom panels.

Today, Gepco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Belden, Inc. For more than 100 years, Belden has been developing and manufacturing high-performance wire and cable products. Shattuc stocks a wide variety of Gepco cable. For more information on bulk cable offerings, or cable assemblies made with Gepco cable, please contact our team at Shattuc.