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Linden Photonics, headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, has been manufacturing high quality specialty optical fiber and copper cables since 2002. Linden first introduced their STFOC™ family of optical cables for the underwater and Naval market. They have since developed a variety of fiberoptic, copper, and hybrid cables that have been used on all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

At the core of Linden products is the ability to leverage the technology found in Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCPs). LCPs are unique materials sometimes referred to as self-reinforcing polymers that can exhibit tensile strength ten times that of steel cables. Custom fiberoptic and hybrid copper-fiber solutions leveraging LCP technology are available

STFOC™ - the original Linden Fiber

STFOC™ optical cable is Linden’s flagship product line. STFOC™ cables are available for a wide variety of underwater uses. The cables are non-kink and crush proof, with a patented cable jacket construction designed to protect fiber in harsh environments. Currently used by the US navy for munitions tethers, littoral water sensing, and for ROV controls, the cable features a patented Liquid Crystal Polymer jacket, non-kink construction, and a hermetic coating to prevent moisture, hydrogen, and helium. The cable can withstand high hydrostatic pressure and is thin and lightweight at the same time being strong, due to the thermoplastic jacket that eliminates the need for metal and Kevlar. STFOC™ cables are available in both singlemode and multimode, in a variety of different OD’s.


Linden’s line of avionic grade fiberoptic cable is AVNOC™. Built to withstand the most rigorous aviation environments including high vibration, large temperature variations, high temperature, and extreme flexing, AVNOC™ cables are lighter, stronger, and smaller than other aviation fiber on the market. The cable meets AS5382 requirements and is made of bend insensitive fiber in both singlemode and multimode versions.

Buoyant Marine Grade

The buoyant version of STFOC™ builds upon the same high-quality components that go into the original product line. Linden can manufacture lightweight, rugged cables with a variety of different buoyancies. The cable can be either neutrally buoyant, be able to float on top of water, or be somewhere in between. Marine grade cables are available from 290 microns all the way up to 13+mm cables with multi-ton break strength. They can be made with and without Kevlar, have a hermetic coating that protects fiber from hydrogen and helium, and are abrasion resistant.

High-Strength Solutions

Linden is capable of manufacturing fiberoptic cables that can withstand incredible amounts of weight. Their heaviest duty product has over 2,500 pounds of breaking strength. On top of the ruggedized jacket and hermetic coating customers have come to expect from Linden products, Linden can add custom features to their cable to meet customers’ specific strength needs. Design aspects such as strength member selection, denier, number of elements, lay length, and style of braid can all be modified per customer request.

Shattuc stocks Linden fiber for various OEM applications. For more information on Linden products, or to talk about incorporating Linden fiber in an OEM cable design, please contact our team at Shattuc.