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Quabbin Wire & Cable manufactures Commercial Data cable, Digital A/V & Lighting control cable, Harsh Environment cable, and general purpose low voltage wire & cable.

Headquartered in Ware, MA, Quabbin Wire & Cable was founded in 1975. Their once small 600 square feet of office space is now a 140,000 square foot facility housing all design, manufacturing, and corporate activity. In order to meet the needs of their customers, Quabbin has expanded their presence in North America with strategically located stocking warehouses.

All of Quabbin’s cables are compliant to today’s RoHS, REACH, CSA, and NEC requirements. Quabbin partners with Underwriters Laboratories to manufacture riser rated cables, plenum rated cables, and various AWM style cables.

The vast majority of Quabbin’s cables are manufactured with stranded conductors (both bare copper and tinned copper) for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Quabbin’s Industrial Ethernet Cable line includes unshielded, shielded, and double shielded ethernet cables for a variety of applications and environments. Their DataMax® Extreme cables are made in two or four pair counts, 22AWG, 24AWG, and 26AWG versions, and are constructed with stranded tinned copper, and a polyurethane or flame-retardant thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket.

Quabbin’s Commercial Data Cable line includes shielded 1-pair through 12-pair, 100 Ohm interconnect cables for T-1 (DS-1) and XDSL circuits. These cables can be rated for both riser and plenum environments. Cable suitable for E-1 and XDSL circuits is also available.

75ohm Type 735A coaxial cables are available with double shields in both single and dual (Siamese) constructions. Shielded and unshielded category 3, category 5, and category 6 patch cables are available in a variety of constructions for a variety of applications. These include Low Smoke Zero Halogen, multipair category cables, and more.

Quabbin’s multi-pair cable offerings include double shielded RS-422 mid capacitance cable, Shielded RS-232 cable for audio and instrumentation, double and single shielded RS-232 cable for CAD/CAM and Low Capacitance, and multichannel 50 Ohm shielded snake cable.

Multiconductor cables manufactured by Quabbin fill various needs in a variety of industries. 600V cables include unshielded and shielded small diameter control cables. Quabbin offers multiple types of audio, instrumentation, and control cables in shielded, unshielded, and bonded shielded constructions. Other applications of these multiconductor cables include power limited tray cables, sound and security, and fire and alarm cables.

Shattuc partners with Quabbin because both companies share the same ideals. Complacency is not a term that either company is comfortable with, which is why INNOVATION is a crucial dynamic. Not only for the products manufactured, but in the manufacturing process as well. How something is made greatly affects the performance and characteristics, and thereby the integrity of a product for a particular application, and for applications unexpected. It is not sufficient that a product works well, but that it is cosmetically sound and easy to work with. For instance, how easily a cable pulls through conduit, resisting tears through the installation, or how easily it strips, are sometimes just as important as the electrical requirements of that cable. Quabbin has been raising the bar in those respects since 1975.

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