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Bittree was established in 1978. For more than 40 years, Bittree has been dedicated to manufacturing “state-of-the-art” broadcast patch panel. Their international reputation for innovation and quality is based on their in-house capabilities - every patch product is designed, manufactured, and tested in their global headquarters in Glendale, California.

Bittree supports broadcast, pro A/V, systems integration, postproduction, recording studios, the military, theaters, and live venues with their comprehensive suite of patching systems. Bittree patch panels help streamline signal routing and troubleshooting—and provide patch around protection—in mission critical broadcast, media and entertainment operations of all sizes. The company offers an innovative line of award-winning audio, video, and data patch panels, all manufactured in the United States.


Video products manufactured by Bittree include Distribution Amps (DAs), 12G+4k/8k patch panels, high density micro patchbays, mini-WECO midsize, WECO, triax, and bulkhead panels. Distribution amps are capable of 12Gb/s for single-link 4K/Ultra HD transport. Other 12G rated products include mini-WECO patch panels and coaxial feed-through panels. All 12G video products are constructed with powder-coated aluminum and the industry’s finest fit and finish.


Bittree’s audio line includes Dante patchbays, ProStudio patchbays, TT (Bantam) patchbays, ¼” patchbays, and bulkhead audio patch panels. All audio products can be customized to the user’s unique needs. Rear interface can be customized with different connector options, including E3, DB25, ID Punchdown, and E90 connectors, just to name a few. Normalling and grounding configurations can be customized with non-normal, half normal, and full normal, and bussed, isolated, or looped grounds being offered.


Data networks, including both copper and fiber, are a growing focus for Bittree. Fiberoptic data panels include flush-mount modular keystone panels in Duplex LC, Simplex SC, and Simplex ST versions. 1RU panels are available, along with ST feed through patch panel enclosures. Copper solutions include flush-mount modular keystone panels in Cat6 feed-through shielded and unshielded, punchdown shielded and unshielded, and 1RU and 2 RU options.


Bittree manufactures patchbays and panels for special applications as well. Products are available for SMPTE 311 applications, 50 ohm coax applications, RS422 applications, speaker systems, monitor systems, and audio bulkhead applications as well. Accessories including tools, designation strips, replacement connectors, and jacks are also available.


A comprehensive line of cable assemblies are manufactured by Bittree, including 75-ohm micro-video patch cables, Mini-WECO (standard 3G and 12G+ versions) miniature triax, and BNC patch cables. Custom assemblies, and different color options, are also available.

Today, the world’s leading studios, broadcasters, entertainment venues and A/V integrators count on Bittree for audio, video and data patching systems. Bittree consistently deliver superior product quality, performance, and precise adherence to exacting standards.

Bittree stands by their products for life. The company offers legacy products and accessories for legacy systems, and even offers ultrasonic cleaning of patch systems, to ensure many years of dependable service out of your Bittree products. Customized orders and products are available as well.

Shattuc stocks a wide variety of Bittree products. For more information on patchbays and patchbay accessories, or to talk about incorporating Bittree products in your next studio upgrade, please contact our team at Shattuc.