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Canare Electric Co., Ltd, has been meeting the need for high quality cables, connectors, panels, and patch bays for the broadcast and professional audio/video industry since 1970.  Canare got their start in Nagoya, Japan next to the Kanare River and is now headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  Canare operates in 10 countries, with their US operations based in New Jersey.

Canare made a name for itself in the US with the introduction of ultra-flexible star quad microphone cable. Canare’s Star Quad cable is “double balanced”, which reduces susceptibility to electromagnetically induced noise.  This makes the cable ideal for not only microphones, but all line-level signals.  Canare manufactures star quad with high strand-count copper for superior flexibility.  The special PVC jacket compound remains pliant at extremely low temperatures.

As 12G-SDI has become more popular and widespread in the broadcast industry, Canare has developed a line of L-CUHD cables specifically for 12-SDI applications.  These cables, manufactured with copper foil and a high-density tinned copper braid shield, along with highly foamed multi-layer PE insulation, are perfect for all 12G-SDI installations and mobile applications.  Canare offers the L-3.3CUHD (21AWG center conductor), the L-5.5CUHD (16AWG center conductor) and their brand-new L-8CUHD, manufactured with a 13AWG center conductor, meaning that Canare has the perfect cable for all of your 12G-SDI coaxial needs.

Beyond starquad and coax cables, Canare offers a wide variety of copper cable for other applications.  These applications include Ethernet, RS422, DMX lighting/control, oxygen free copper cables, multi-conductor speaker cables, AES/EBU Digital Audio cables, triaxial cables, and more. Riser and plenum constructions are both available.

To complement Canare’s cable offerings, the company has developed a massive variety of connectors, including 75-ohm BNC connectors (12G BNCs, Micro BNCs, micro-miniature BNCs, and more), 75-ohm triaxial connectors, RCA connectors, F connectors, and more.

As fiberoptic connectivity has become more widely adopted in the Broadcast industry, Canare has developed a wide variety of fiber and copper-fiber hybrid products to meet that need.  This includes SMPTE 311 applications.  Canare’s line of SMPTE connectors conforms to SMPTE standards and is a popular choice in the broadcast industry.

To complement the SMPTE connectors and cables Canare offers, they also offer SMPTE HFO Connector panels.  These panels come pre-terminated from the factory with a built-in splice enclosure box, meaning a quick and easy installation between the HD camera system and rack.  Combination SMPTE and Triax panels are available for customers who have a need for legacy triax cables on top of SMPTE infrastructure.  Finally, Canare’s FCT-FCKIT cable checker ensures that your cabling infrastructure is always up and running.

Other panels and patchbays offered include 75-ohm video patchbays, unloaded video jack panels, RS422 patchbays, and audio patchbays.  Other accessories for broadcast include custom cable reels.  These reels can be purchased individually or pre-loaded with pre-terminated cable assemblies.  Coaxial cable strippers, hand crimp tools, die sets, and extraction tools are also available.

Shattuc proudly stocks a large variety of Canare wire, cable, hand tools, and associated products.  To find out more about Canare’s offerings, contact your Shattuc representative.