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CNLINKO, officially Shenzhen Linko Electric Co., LTD, manufactures high-end, waterproof connectors for a variety of industries. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, CNLINKO’s wide variety of connectors are the perfect solution for tactical and/or outdoor Broadcast and ProAV applications.


CNLINKO’s family of signal connectors include RJ45 connectors, fiberoptic connectors, and multi-core signal connectors. The RJ45 family of connectors feature a bayonet style mount connection, a waterproof housing, and both round and square housing styles. Housing styles can either feature the RJ45 recessed into the housing or protruding from the housing to allow it to mate with standard RJ45 jacks.

Fiberoptic connectors support single mode LC fiberoptic termination. The connectors are available in both metal and plastic housings and are IP67 waterproof rated.

Multi-core signal cables are supported from 5 to 24 pin counts, are available in both plastic and metal, can carry anywhere from 5 to 32 amps of current, and feature integrated dust caps for when the connectors are not in use.


CNLINKO manufactures USB style connectors with both USB2.0, USB3.0 transmission rates. These connectors are IP67 rated and are available in both crimp and solder versions.


CNLINKO manufactures a variety of waterproof power connectors for a wide variety of industries. The below series are available:

LP SERIES: The LP series, CNLINKO’s best selling power connector, is manufactured in sizes ranging from M12 to M24, and is made with high quality materials. Metal and plastic shells are both available. The connector is rated to 5 amps at 250 volts. The connectors range in contacts from 2 pin to 8 pin, and all accept 24AWG wires.

DH SERIES: For applications requiring more power, the DH Series is a perfect fit. Rated at 20 amps and 500 volts, the DH-20 style connector ranges from 2 pin to 12 pin constructions. Wire size varies based on number of contacts needed. The DH-24 style connector is rated up to 30 amps. The connector features an easy to operate twist lock for rapid connection and disconnection.

YF SERIES: The YF series connectors are a standalone series offered in a 3-pin configuration. The connector, like all CNLINKO products, is IP67 rated, is rated to 500 volts at 20 amps, and can accept 14-12AWG wires with either crimp or solder contacts.

YA SERIES: YA series products are manufactured in full plastic and plastic & metal constructions. Offered with up to 12 pins, the connector is an M20 design supporting 5-20 amps of current. The panel mount sockets, only offered in metal, have a high-quality spring cap to cover the receptacle when not in use.

YP SERIES: The YP series connector from CNLINKO offers mixed customization of power and signal. 2 pin to 12 pin connectors are available. The connectors up to 4 pin are rated for 500 volts at 20 amps, while the 5 and 7 pin connectors are rated to 400 volts at 12 amps. Higher pin counts are rated for 250 volts at 5 amps. Both solder and crimp styles are offered.

Shattuc routinely stocks a wide variety of copper and fiber CNLINKO connectors. For more information, on bulk connectors, or to talk about incorporating CNLINKO connectors in your next cable assembly or wire harness, please contact our team at Shattuc.