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ADC (now CommScope) has a long history of developing world class audio, video, and data connectivity, and patching products.

These products are designed for real world applications and requirements and deliver exceptional performance.

ADC manufactures products that address even the most demanding performance and operational requirements.

ADC products include durable patchbays (jackfields) that include precision jacks for optimal HD video, audio and data performance. Additionally, ADC manufacture connectors that offer exceptional quality and performance.

All of these products are built to last, resisting corrosion with nickel plated patch plugs and gold-plated center pins. The patch panel frames are constructed using strong metal frames with ULTEM ™ inserts to provide maximum isolation and reduce the risk of striping screws during assembly.

ADC always adheres to the strictest quality standards and always manufacture dependable, long-lasting products using the highest quality materials available.

ADC’s true 75-ohm BNC connectors are designed to MIL-SPEC standards. They are among the most reliable and universally accepted connectors available in the industry. They offer crimp type terminations for optimal pull strength and performance. Outstanding electrical performance is achieved using industry first design elements. They are constructed using nickel plated copper and ULTEM™ dielectric insulators and a gold-plated center conductor. These connectors are designed to provide significant reduction of impedance mismatch throughout the network and improved transmission reliability in digital applications. The notched BNC series makes it easy to spot BNC connectors that are not properly latched to BNC jacks. This is especially helpful with high-density coax panels.

High Definition Midsize (WECO) Video Jacks

The center piece and heart of a well-designed patch panel is the jack. ADC (now CommScope) developed the industry standard for Normal-through high definition Midsize video jacks: MVJ-3x. The panels for these jacks typically house 2x32 configurations--which matches up nicely with many of the industry’s popular routing switchers. These jacks are available in terminating and non-terminating designs.

Outstanding Performance Features

The video jacks feature precision geometric-molded dielectric ULTEM™ insulators for true 75-ohm performance. Closed-entry center contacts are designed to resist damage from damaged plugs or test probes. The MVJ-3 midsize to BNC self-normalling video jack is performance matched for data rates up to and including HDTV in the full uncompressed: greater than 3 Gbps rates (analog, serial digital and HDTV).

For applications requiring independent ground such as tie line panels, the straight-through CJ3014N and CJ4014N jacks are an excellent choice. These jacks accommodate bandwidths greater than 2.4 GHz for analog, serial digital, and HD Video applications. For applications requiring self-terminating jacks, the CJ3014N-75 and the CJ4014N-75 are available. The short body CJ3014N/3014N-75 and long body CJ4014N/4014-N75 are designed to be mounted in 2x32 configurations. The jacks slide into a patented insulated holder with a dovetail joint, which provides outstanding durability and electronic isolation from adjacent jacks. The short and long bodies allow a staggered mounting pattern to provide access to the BNC connectors. A BNC insertion tool such as the BT2000 is recommended for BNC installation.

ProPatch® Programmable Patch Panels

This patching system is designed for outstanding performance, reliability and flexibility—while offering true WECO-compliant jacks. These panels offer unique precision DIP switches for changing normalling and grounds quickly and easily at optimal audio performance (the dip switch sits right on ground to limit cross-talk. These panels are specifically designed for tough mobile environments, the ultra-lightweight ProPatch Programmable panel weighs about six pounds and is only five-inches deep. They are available in both bantam and longframe styles.

Shattuc proudly stocks significant ADC inventory, from BNCs all the way through patchbays. For more information about Shattuc’s stock and product availability, contact our team at Shattuc.