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ISO-TIP designs and manufactures some of the best soldering irons, torches, heat guns, solder paste, filers, and sanders in the industry. Whatever your application, from industrial to electrical to creative, ISO-TIP has the tools to get your job done effectively and efficiently.

Founded in 1971, ISO-TIP was started under Wahl Clipper’s Industrial Division. Wahl Clipper’s industry-leading battery technology allowed the company to invent the first successful cordless, battery operated, rechargeable soldering iron. In 2008, the ISO-TIP division was spun off and purchased by Senasys and is now headquartered in Wisconsin. All of ISO-TIPS products are manufactured in the USA to this day.

Their cordless soldering irons are perfect for field technicians, craftsmen, hobbyists and anyone who needs their work tools to be as mobile as possible. Powered to 25 watts and capable of reaching a tip temperature of 900OF in less than ten seconds, all soldering irons are manufactured with lightweight materials to be balanced in order to reduce user fatigue. Electrical leaks and damage are a thing of the past, with all products using direct current and isolated ceramic tips.

ISO-TIP’s cordless tips are available in three different styles, including long life, high efficiency, and standard. Standard tips are available for any style job and any of ISO-TIP’s soldering irons. The long-life tips are ideal for those customers who solder numerous connectors for extended periods of time. These tips have a lifespan approximately 20% longer than standard tips. The high efficiency style of tips heat up faster and provide 20% more soldering time as well and can reach temperatures of 900OF.

Smart Solder Pro line of products feature cordless soldering irons that can be adapted to be used as a hot knife, torch, or heat tool. All that is needed is a different style tip. This line of products is powered by butane instead of battery. Designed to be up and ready within 20 seconds of ignition, these products are dependable and can be used in all types of weather conditions. Available tips for these soldering irons include conical tips, chisel tips, torch tips, deflector tips, heat blower tips, and hot knife tips.

The Smart Finish line of filers and sanders have reciprocal 6,000 strokes per minute action with 0.100” stroke length. These filers and sanders feature a lightweight, balanced design, ideal for comfort during extended use. Tips can be rapidly changed out and snap firmly on and off. Half-round, round, and triangle needle files are available.

Smart Torches feature a Piezo electronic ignition system, refillable gas tank, and solid construction. The Smart Torch Titan, ISO-TIP’s newest torch, can reach a temperature of 2,400OF, can run for 30 minutes on a single gas tank, and have a waterproof ignition system, along with a simple twist flame adjuster.

ISO-TIP’s solder paste is 10 times stronger than conventional paste, offering a tensile strength between 10,000 and 28,000 PSI. It can be used with any and all of ISO-TIP products, as well as soldering irons from other manufacturers. It’s made with premium refined metals, consisting of 2% silver and 98% tin. The flux is blended in for ease of use.

Shattuc routinely stocks ISO-TIP soldering irons and related accessories. For more information, contact your Shattuc sales representative directly, call us at 866-SHATTUC, or contact us online.