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Lightel has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing a vast array of products for the fiber optic industry on a global scale since 1999.  From the beginning, Lightel has worked hard to be a leader in bringing ELemental innovations to LIGHT (LIGHTEL).  After getting a start manufacturing Coupler Workstations for manufacturing Fused Biconic Taper products, Lightel now manufactures fused fiber components, Micro-Optic passive optical components, video microscopes for inspection, and much more.

Passive components are critical to a fiber optic network. Lightel offers couplers and splitters with various bandpass, splitting ratios, fiber types, and connector options. Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs) are available in standard configuration, Coarse (CWDM), and Dense (DWDM) configurations. For high power applications, Lightel offers Mode Field Adapters, Cladding Power Strippers, High Power Single and Dual Isolators, and more. Attenuators and patchcords are also available.

Fabrication of fused optical components require specialized workstations that offer the ability to manufacture in a reliable and repeatable manner. Lightel’s CW-7000 workstation is ideal for end-pump and side-pump combiners, active pump combiners, reverse combiners, and polarization maintaining (PM) combiners. The workstation features a built-in ultrasonic cleaver, requiring no expensive consumables and minimal maintenance. The CW-5000 unit is the most flexible workstation available, being able to fabricate 1x2, 2x2, 1x3, and 1x4 couplers, fused WDMs, mini-couplers, tapers, core expansion, and more. A fiber coating stripper, the GPST-1000, offers quick and easy fiber coating stripping for almost all types of fiber coatings. Lightel’s LTL-H2-500-2 Hydrogen Gas Generator is a high purity gas generator, designed to complement workstations, which require high purity hydrogen in order to taper and fuse the optical fibers and fabricate optical components.

The FiberForge™ platform is designed to minimize bench space while maximizing utility. It was designed as a platform to encourage the development of new fiber optic “tools” and is capable of a high output level of Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) components in a production environment.

Lightel also offers inspection, cleaning, and test equipment, including digital inspectors, connector inspectors, benchtops, software, tips, cleaning supplies, and more.  The Viewconn® microscope system, including the VC-8200, VC6-OPM, and VC6-OPM-H products feature a ruggedized design and built-in cleaning cassettes, allowing the end user to inspect and clean patchcords all in one device. Lightel microscopes do not use lasers, and instead get their illumination by a blue LED, making the microscopes completely eye safe. USB functionality also allows for endface geometry to be viewable off a PC. The VC-8200, specifically, is Lightel’s top of the line, integrated system for inspection, evaluation, documentation, and cleaning. With built-in WiFi, the VC-8200 can send its Pass/Fail reports via email or store them locally in the unit. An integrated power meter can also be added.

To meet customers’ special needs, Lightel has OEM and contract manufacturing services available. With factories and offices in both the US and Asia, Lightel can seamlessly support engineering, product development, prototyping, and final manufacture in a clean and efficient manner.

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