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Optical Cable Corporation has been manufacturing quality fiberoptic cables for the broadcast, oil and gas, mining, military, and industrial industries since 1983.  Headquartered in Roanoke, VA, OCC is one of the largest manufacturers of multi-mode fiber in North America. 

OCC’s distribution-style filed broadcast cables are ideal for use in harsh environments where deployment and retrieval for re-use is required.  The cable is extremely strong, lightweight, and manufactured using tight-buffered fiber.  The core is helically stranded for flexibility, survivability, and outstanding mechanical protection for the fibers.  The jacket of the cable, manufactured from polyurethane, is ideal for abrasion and cut resistance.  It is even chemical resistant, allowing it to be deployed in industrial, mining, and petrochemical environments. Flame-retardant tactical and Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen (LSZH) versions are also available.

Hybrid copper and fiber cabling solutions are available as well.  One of OCC’s most popular product lines is SMPTE cable, made to the standards required by the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers.  OCC’s SMPTE cable is offered in a variety of categories.  All OCC’s SMPTE cable is constructed to SMPTE 311 standards, with bend insensitive single mode fiber.  SMPTE Essential cable is a standard SMPTE cable jacketed with a thermoplastic elastomer jacket, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  The Premium SMPTE cable is constructed with 500-micron acrylate coating of the fibers, something that many manufacturers do not offer.

Other SMPTE cable configurations offered by OCC include tactical, FLEX, and LSZH versions.  OCC’s tactical cable is constructed with a cut-resistant, wear-resistant polyurethane jacket, less sticky than other tactical SMPTE cables on the market, making it easier to coil and causing less friction while deployed.  FLEX SMPTE trades the standard central steel strength member for a strength member made from aramid fibers, keeping the cable durable while providing more flexibility.  Lastly, the Low Smoke Zero Halogen SMPTE cable is offered with OCC’s premium core, outlined above, and a LSZH approved jacket.

OCC’s offerings go beyond just fiberoptic cable.  OCC’s fiberoptic connectivity offerings include fiber termination enclosures and modular adapter plates for fiber breakout systems.  These snap-in fiber adapter plates are durable enough to withstand field installations.  Adapter plates come in 6, 8, and 12 port fiber configurations, single-mode and multi-mode options, and can be loaded with ST, SC, FC, MT-RJ, LC, and other fiber connector types.  Higher density fiber configurations can be achieved through dual and quad LC connectors.  High-strand fiber configurations are offered, with MPO cable assemblies and made-to-order trunk cables available.

SMPTE applications are further supported by OCC’s SMPTE broadcast enclosures.  These enclosures come in an 8x8 and 6x6 modular versions and are constructed with 16-guage steel with a black powder coat finish.  Fully isolated, these panels can be manufactured with ST, SC, LC, and FC type connectors on the breakout side.  The panels themselves are 2RU.  The enclosures are available with both LEMO and Canare SMPTE panel mount connectors.

Whatever your fiber needs, OCC can fill the need with broadcast cables and connectivity, manufactured to MILSPEC standards, and support your systems for years to come. Contact your Shattuc sales representative or contact us online for more information on OCC products.