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Schill Reels, officially Schill GmbH & Co KG, has been manufacturing rugged, portable reel solutions since 1948. Schill is headquartered in Fellbach, Germany, a suburb of Stuttgart, and does all manufacturing in Laichingen Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Schill has been a key player internationally for high-quality, rugged cable reels for over 70 years.

Engineer Otto Schill started the company after designing and perfecting a cable drum for his personal use. Now in the third generation of Schill family ownership and management, Schill Reels has grown to over 60 employees, with more markets served and distribution hubs in both the US and Canada. Special emphasis has been placed on developing reels and associated products for the broadcast, radio and TV industries.

Schill utilizes their own dies and molds to make all of their reel products in-house, in their ISO-9000 certified manufacturing facility in Germany. All of their reels are built around the idea of customizability. Leveraging four interchangeable core sizes in all but their GT series reel allows more customization for customers.

The IT series reel by Schill are great products for customers looking for a quality, economic base line reel. Manufactured with heavy-duty plastic and steel. They use high-quality fittings and have a spool break. The IT series ranges in weight from 2.8 lbs to 8 lbs, based on reel size.

HT Series, Schill’s classic reel line, is an all-steel model for professional cabling requirements. Available with interchangeable disks, high quality fittings, a spool brake, and a folding crank, they are completely customizable to meet customer needs. There are over a dozen HT series reels in production, ranging in weight from 5 lbs to 32 lbs, based on reel size. The largest size HT reels, for example, can accept over 3800’ of 5mm OD cable.

Schill’s professional GT series product line is a fantastic reel for broadcast customers. Featuring precision German-engineered steel construction, high-quality fittings, and unbreakable synthetic rubber, the reels can be completely customized. Schill has multiple options for hub cover – including the basic “open” reel, a blank “SO” cover, and “RM” version which allows for the cable to be wrapped around four “ears”, and an “MFK” cover which utilizes a locking door mechanism. Schill’s largest GT series reel, the GT450MFK, is available in a 60mm version, which features a 60mm core drill-out for oversized connectors.

On top of the product families mentioned above, Schill’s portfolio includes the SK Series, made with steel and synthetic rubber for when stackable cable reels are needed, the PL series, made with steel and glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate for when motorized coiling is needed, the SL series, a steel frame and polycarbonate stackable solution for extra-long cable runs, and their line of cable winders and hose dispensers. These spring-loaded cable management solutions come in both plastic and steel solutions. Motorized cable reel solutions are available in both 12 and 24 VDC configurations.

Shattuc stocks the most popular sizes of Schill reels, especially the professional GT series, with all types of hub cover options. Contact your Shattuc sales representative or contact us online for more information on Schill reels.