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AFL has been manufacturing quality fiberoptic cables for the broadcast, enterprise, oil and gas, mining, military, nuclear and industrial industries since its founding in 1984. Now headquartered in Duncan, SC, AFL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujikura, one of the oldest wire and cable manufacturers in Japan. With four locations in the United States, AFL can support customers with inventory throughout the country and just a few days’ ship time to your location.

AFL’s vast experience as a fiber optic cable pioneer has made them uniquely positioned to develop robust fiber optic cable solutions for the broadcast industry. As demand for higher definition signal transmission has become the standard in the industry. Their expertise spans from 4K/8K ultra high-definition television (UHDTV) to internet-protocol television and multi-channel audio to a host of more proprietary fiber components.

Their tight-buffered cables are UV and water-resistant, can be deployed easily, and are resistant to harsh conditions, impact, bends, and being crushed. The cable is manufactured with flame retardant polyurethane, is highly flexible, and contains aramid strength members for maximum strength and flexibility. The tight-buffered tactical cable is offered from 1 fiber count to 24 fiber count. Single mode and multimode from OM1 to OM4 are available for data applications and related requirements.

Other types of fiber cable offered by AFL include Low-Smoke Zero Halogen cables, cables for plenum and riser environments, armored cables, and hybrid copper/fiber cables. Their LSZH line is prefect for projects that require zero halogen compliance. AFL’s wide variety of cables have been designed and precision engineered for even the most unique environments, including a rodent-resistant fiber cable designed specifically for environments that have an increased risk of animal damage.

AFL’s offerings go beyond just fiberoptic cable. Their Sidewinder™ Rapid Cable Deployment system allows for lighting fast deployment and retrieval of their cables. Manufactured from lightweight, high impact grade polymer that is non-corrosive, the Sidewinder™ can withstand extreme temperatures. It is available in three sizes and can store cables up to 1000 meters in length.

Equipment and fiber accessories, including test and inspection equipment, fusion splicing equipment, and fiberoptic cleaning accessories are also offered. AFL’s fusion splicers are constructed with ruggedized materials, making them reliable for use in the most demanding fields. They also offer some of the best OTDRs (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer), loss test kits, inspection kits, fault locators, and more. Fusion splicer rental services are available from select distribution partners.

Another benefit of AFL’s vast product offering regarding test and inspection equipment is the ability to offer their AFL SimpleView™ fiber inspection software. This ensures that customers can have seamless integration between their computers, test equipment, and software requirements. SimpleView™ paired with AFL’s Digital FiberScope and adapter tips can cover the entire inspection requirements for your fiberoptic infrastructure.

With decades of experience in the fiberoptic market, AFL can provide system-wide solutions, regardless of the scope of your fiber project. This includes custom, value-engineered solutions designed specifically for you. Contact your Shattuc sales rep for more information on AFL’s offerings.