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Neutrik is known among broadcast professionals the premier manufacturer of robust copper and fiber connectors for the broadcast and entertainment industry. Neutrik has developed, manufactured and distributed state-of-the-art robust, high performance connectors for more than 40 years. The product range extends from XLR connectors to plugs, jacks, speaker-connectors, data-connectors, Patch-Panels, power-connectors, BNC connectors and special connectors for industrial applications. Neutrik uses their in-depth understanding of the market to develop application specific solutions for traditional and non-traditional broadcast and production needs. Neutrik is extremely responsive to market needs with innovative designs. Their products offer features and benefits based on customer feedback as well as the application of state-of-the-art production technologies and requirements. Neutrik is committed to manufacturing excellence by adhering to strict quality standards such as ISO 9001-2000. This ensure optimal reliability and customer satisfaction.

Neutrik is an international corporation with a wealth of know-how and experience in the manufacture of innovative electrical and electronic connectivity solutions. The company was founded in 1975 by Bernhard Weingartner. The official name is NeuElektrik AG (New Electric). The current owner’s, Gebhard Sprenger, and, Josef Gstoehl, come to the table with a commitment, like NeuElektrik’s founder, to developing and manufacturing innovative products by utilizing the most recent mechanical and electronic expertise.

Neutrik USA provides sales, technical support and distribution throughout the United States. The corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, where all sales, marketing, and distribution are centered.

Neutrik products address a wide range of markets: touring, lighting, religious, industrial equipment, broadcast studios, field production and more. Neutrik products are famously robust, famously reliable and famously popular.

Neutrik developed the following well-known trademarks: opticalCON®, powerCON®, opticalCON® TRUE1, speakON®, etherCON®, rearTWIST®, XIRIUM® PRO, DiWA®, opticamSWITCH®, neutriCON®, miniCON®, nanoCON®, silentPLUG®, timbrePLUG®, crystalCON®, Profi®.

opticalCON® Fiber Optic Connection System is used in audio, video and lighting applications. There are multiple products under the opticalCON umbrella: opticalCON DRAGONFLY, opticalCON ADVANCED and opticalCON LITE.

DRAGONFLY is the most robust, reliable and easy to maintain, hybrid camera signal transmission systems. DRAGONFLY is based on fiber lens technology and fusion splicing. DRAGONFLY achieves extremely low loss while provide optimal robustness. The optical connection is exceptionally well protected against dirt and dust by its lenses and an additional sealing cover. 

opticalCON ADVANCED falls into multiple categories: DUO, QUAD, MTP and SPLIT. The opticalCON DUO system is based on LC-Duplex connectors but eliminates its weakness and guarantees a safe, dust protected and rugged connection. It provides these advantages while maintaining compatibility with conventional LC connectors.

The opticalCON QUAD cable connector is configured with four optical channels and is based on conventional and proven LC connector technology. It features a spring-loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn.

The opticalCON MTP® cable connector accommodates 24 optical fibers (multimode or single mode APC) based on conventional and proven MTP® connectivity protected by a ruggedized and durable all-metal housing. It features a spring-loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn. The optical connection is exceptional well protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover.

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