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Since the early 1990s, SENKO has been designing and manufacturing high-quality fiberoptic components and accessories for the broadcast, telecom, automotive, and electronic industries. SENKO Advanced Components is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SENKO Group, a multinational corporation based in Yokkaichi, Japan with over $1.4 billion in global revenue.

SENKO manufactures a large variety of fiberoptic connectors in both standard and small form factor versions.

Standard Connectors

SENKO manufactures a wide variety of SC, FC, and ST fiber connectors for 900-micron, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm fiberoptic cables. These connectors feature low insertion loss and back reflection, one-piece construction and pull-proof design, and precision anti-rotation key and a corrosion resistant body. The plastic housing and boots are UL-rated and approved. SC, FC, and ST connectors come in both UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) and APC (Angled Physical Contact) versions. SC connectors are offered in both simplex and duplex housings, with multiple boot offerings for plugging into small areas.

Small Form Factor Connectors

Small form factor products include LC, MU, MPO, and MT-RJ style connectors. LC-style connectors come in standard unibody, standard duplex, a MicroLC configuration, waterproof options, SN connectors, and more. SENKO manufactures a wide variety of MPO (multi-fiber push on) solutions, for when space is at a premium, and the maximum amount of fiber is necessary. SENKO’s flagship MPO connector, the MPO PLUS®, which features easy field-based polarity and gender change without opening the housing.

Harsh environment Fiber Connectors

The IP-ONE connector from SENKO is a cost-effective hybrid solution specifically designed for harsh environments. With an IP-68 rating, and an operating temperature down to negative 40 degrees, the cable can support 2 x 12AWG copper contacts, and either SM LC’s, MM LC’s, or SM MPO fiber contacts. The new IP-PLUS line includes a Safe LOCK feature with a sliding lock ring for tamperproof protection and a bayonet style collar.

Specialty Products

Senko manufactures attenuators, terminators, switchable adapters, and more. Their optical attenuators are passive devices used to reduce the amplitude of a light signal without changing the wave form itself. The attenuators can withstand over 1W of high-power light for extended periods of time. Senko’s terminators are available in FC, SC ST, and LC versions and feature a doped fiber design to eliminate unwanted back-reflection. Finally, Senko’s switchable adapters feature a unique design that, in a bulkhead application, allows the end user to switch to another adapter interface at any time, eliminating the need for hybrid cable assemblies in most cases.

Polishing Systems

The APC-8000 High Volume Polisher is Senko’s flagship polishing system. This polishing unit is capable of both UPC and APC polishes for LCs, SC, FC, and ST, as well as MPO and MTP connectors. With up to a 35-recipe storage and 10 programmable steps per recipe, the machine is easy to program and easy to use. The APC-8000 holds between 12 and 36 connectors or ferrules (depending on connector type).

Shattuc routinely stocks a wide variety of SENKO products and accessories. For more information on SENKO and how to incorporate SENKO solutions in your next project, please contact our team at Shattuc.